Adidas x Marimekko

 adidas x marimekko


Our very own director Dillon Buirski had the privilege of collaborating on this amazing project with Adidas x Marimekko for a Summer campaign. This piece aims to defy all norms and unite us through our differences, with underlying themes of playfulness and positivity.


Adidas X Marimekko

adidas x marimekko– the age of collaboration

When this all-female design team began talking about of combining forces, we should have known the only result to be expected is absolute magic. With reputations of pushing boundaries; the hand-picked prints and playful patterns were always intent on delivering a peculiar timelessness.


With the garments aimed at elevating your cycling, swimming and running experiences, the overarching goal for both brands was to create inclusive, sustainable wear. With minimal environmental impact, of course. Our crew was super excited to jump on board and create a visual journey that amplifies our connection with one another through movement.




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Firstly, by casting real, authentic people, one could feel the tactile relationships between our subjects. Secondly, our director therefore had no trouble bringing across a sensitivity and inclusive familiarity. United by their passion for movement and finding joy, these women are what make up the fabric of our communities. We are_ so happy and honoured to have worked with them all.

Adidas X MarimekkoClient: Adidas x Marimekko

Local Production: Cape Town Productions

Director: Dillon Buirski

DOP: Dylan Boerstra

1st AC / Focus: Patrick Spilsbury

2nd AC / Lighting: Johmar Pretorius


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