BMW x Patrick Bongoy x Southern Guild

BMW x Patrick bongoy


BMW in the peak of its electromobility movement collaborated with the Congolese artist, Patrick Bongoy who uses recycled rubber to use as a visual voice for narrating and reintroducing the concepts of migration, degradation, erosion and the exploitation of humanity and the environment through his art. His work evokes great emotion and depth into unknown dimensions and breaks constructs. 


Patrick’s art resonates directly with the environmental influence and impact of BMW’s #bornelectric movement. 


We also captured Patrick’s main art piece that was shown in his exhibition, ‘Unseen Dimensions of the Known’ 2022, at the Southern Guild, which was his 4th solo exhibition in South Africa.

Here at Weare_Creative, we had the privilege of producing amazing work that showcases Patrick’s process of how he uses and moves with the materials in his studio as we hear his point of view.  We also experience movement, energy and sustainable references throughout the video in promoting BMW’s electric cars, the ‘i’ series.


The series is all about using recycled energy and materials in reflecting life in dead spaces and through dead materials. Actively contributing to improving pollution and making people ask themselves questions.

We had a blast behind-the-scenes with Reezo Hassan as the Director and DOP for this project and a special thanks to his assistant Yaseen Hanslo for helping BMW’s vision come to life. They worked seamlessly together, in perfect harmony creating the tone and look of this project. They felt the space and adapted and moulded their positions in the studio to bring the best out of Patrick’s work. 

They blended beautifully within the environment and made sure to capture the essence of all the hard work, sweat and tears that go behind these artworks. Reezo also had the privilege of shooting the new BMW iX electric car, which was extremely exciting. 

Patrick took us threw all the endless amounts of textures around his space, making sure to include us in understanding, experiencing and interacting with the materials and letting them speak to us.



“It’s amazing to see these dead materials, that 

people don’t even pay attention to on the road. 

But to see it in a way where it brings texture, 

reflecting some life into it. That’s the 

translation of hope.


 – Patrick Bongoy







is what BMW, Patrick Bongoy and Southern Guild so beautifully 

exhibited through this evoking body of work and message. 






Director: Reezo Hassen

DOP: Reezo Hassen

Cam Assistant: Yaseen Hanslo

Producer: Calvin Shushu

Production Coordinator: Jeandré Van Der Westhuizen

BTS: Jeandré Van Der Westhuizen


Special thanks to:



Patrick Bongoy

Southern Guild

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