Adidas Festive Campaign Fiercely festive TBWA Netherlands In celebration of the festive season approached Dillon Buirski to create a brand film for the Adidas festive campaign that will be featured globally. The quest was to execute a festive atmosphere that was different and unique, that showcases and expresses joy,

Laura – For the Fearless

    This film is for the fearless. A celebration of bravery and beauty. Laura Ashleigh Meyer's incredible passion and determination to embrace life in all its glory teaches us what it means to be fearless.   "Beauty means being able to celebrate the things that make you unique. It’s

Adidas Runners – Hope in Our Plains

  Freedom, hope, and determination paint the picture for  Adidas Runners- Hope in Our Plains featuring running captain, Ndyebo Mapekula. It’s not just about running, it’s about so much more. So, we dove straight into the streets of Mitchells plain alongside Ndyebo, better known as ‘Pax’. Pax

Rhythm & Smoke | Documentary

  rhythm & smoke documentary When two of the country's most notorious spinners go head to head and push their vehicles to the limit, you best believe there will be smoke (amongst other things). And our crew was there to document it all. Introducing Rhythm and Smoke

Adidas x Marimekko

 adidas x marimekko   Our very own director Dillon Buirski had the privilege of collaborating on this amazing project with Adidas x Marimekko for a Summer campaign. This piece aims to defy all norms and unite us through our differences, with underlying themes of playfulness

Footlocker Women

footlocker women------------ featuring Melody Ehsani. When approached for a remote post job, we were thrilled to learn that it involves a campaign for Footlocker Women. Moreover, our team was beaming when we found out we'd be working with Melody Ehsani. As a pioneer in combining streetwear

Ellesse SS21

  Our very own director Dillon Buirski and DOP Patrick Spilsbury were approached at the end of 2020 to collaborate on Ellesse's summer campaign, shot right here in the lovely Cape Town and its surroundings. And thus we bring you ellesse ss21. . Ellesse ss21---------location, location, location With astonishing views;

The X-Trainer

  The X-Trainer    2021 started off with a bang!   When the X-Trainer team first approached us with the idea and a full service production scope for their XT campaign towards the end of 2020, we sunk our teeth in immediately. Who would not want to delve into a