Dylan Boerstra

Dylan is a self-taught photographer and DOP based in Cape Town. He has a relentless passion for what he does, especially when it comes to documenting youth culture in the form of fashion, sport and music. His style is fresh and expressive, bringing something different to the table on every occasion. This is clear in both his work and his personality, promoting an undeniable sense of togetherness on set, often making serious work feel like play.

Dylan is somewhat of an adventure junkie - ready to be sent anywhere in the world to get the perfect shot. This enthusiasm has taken him into the depths of rural Congo, the sandy beaches of the Seychelles, and even the peaking heights of Mont Blanc.

With almost ten years of experience in the industry, Dylan has fulfilled rolls in every step of the image-making process. Just like any good photographer/DOP, he started at the bottom, carrying sandbags to prove his worth on set. This humble approach, coupled with serious talent and an uncompromising respect for everyone around him, makes him a serious asset to any team.

Dylan's key tool is his understanding of light. Through the years of shooting predominantly film (8mm, 16mm, 35mm & 120mm) he has learnt how to work light to create any desired emotion. Furthermore, his personal sporting endeavors have led to some specialised skills when it comes to shooting. He's extremely comfortable in the water, and even more so shooting high-motion shots from a skateboard. If that's not enough, his rock climbing experience means he's happy to hang from the side of a mountain to get the shot. Today, he is elated at the privilege of Directing, DOPing and shooting stills all over the globe, easily translating between the above mediums and using the best practices from each art form to achieve maximum results.