Ellesse SS21


Our very own director Dillon Buirski and DOP Patrick Spilsbury were approached at the end of 2020 to collaborate on Ellesse’s summer campaign, shot right here in the lovely Cape Town and its surroundings.

And thus we bring you ellesse ss21.

Ellesse SS21 Main

Ellesse ss21———location, location, location

With astonishing views; contrasting structural lines; and interesting textures being at the order of the day, there is nowhere else we would rather be shooting. We have said it before, and we’ll say it again… Cape Town has some of the best filming spots. Not to mention some of the most visually striking settings on the planet. 


Ellesse—————–And then there’s the crews


Dillon Buirski and Patrick Spilsbury have been shooting together for an eternity, and have virtually perfected the art of making content magic without much. As a monument of their passion, we proudly bring you these edits, showcasing the best of South Africa’s talent behind the lens. 


Remotely shooting these campaigns with client virtually tuning in has become the norm, as we’ve seen a drastic increase in international clients opting for shoots via remote viewing. 


Not only did we are_ create some collaborative magic, but our post team had the opportunity to work on the footage in both online and offline capacities.


Client: Ellesse

Production: Hoops Productions

Director: Dillon Buirski

DOP: Patrick Spilsbury

we are_ are always up for any creative production challenges. We can not wait to shoot with you! Whether you need a nimble team to get the job done, or a full remote streaming set-up with all the bells and whistles… Get in touch today to workshop your next idea for any of your campaigns. We would love to collaborate and create some magic moments together!

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