Footlocker Women

footlocker women———— featuring Melody Ehsani.

When approached for a remote post job, we were thrilled to learn that it involves a campaign for Footlocker Women. Moreover, our team was beaming when we found out we’d be working with Melody Ehsani. As a pioneer in combining streetwear and activism, this collection highlights accessibility and empowering messages of consciousness. Melody drew inspiration from her background of streetwear and combined that with her love for basketball.


Footlocker Women


“Our focus is always about elevating consciousness and cultivating empowerment. ‘Stop waiting to be who you already are,’ is one of our [ME] mottos,” said Melody Ehsani. “I believe you can’t wait for others to see who you are, you have to see yourself. Inhabiting your whole entire self at all times is key to moving through the world.”


The collection is conscientiously aimed at promoting connections and gender neutral shapes, all inspired by temperature zones and nature. One of the great connections of our communities is sport, so with this range, the team specifically focusses on basketball wear that is accessible and demands respect for its versatile designs.


Footlocker Women


footlocker women—conscious collaboration

With our international partners at MLTI NY and The Quadri Group, all the post work was done remotely, with a workflow across three timezones. We love being part of projects like this that inspire and wholeheartedly agree that it is time to find your voice. Thank you for trusting us with the post-production on both the stills and the motion aspects of this campaign!  





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