Michael Rodrigues

With a deep love for cinema, Michael sees the visual medium as a powerful tool to impact the world around him.

Having returned from London with a Masters Degree in Film, Michael has used the past few years since to passionately hone his artistic voice through the development of short films, music videos, documentaries and commercial content. Along the way, Michael’s Nike spec film “Together” was nominated for best advertising film at the prestigious BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Film Festival.

In 2018 Michael ventured into the realm of fashion with his short film “Attraction” which was selected by fashion festivals across the globe, most notably Bokeh Fashion Film Festival, Sarajevo Fashion Festival and Fashion Film Festival Istanbul. This lead Michael to directing striking visual campaigns for Pierre Cardin and Europa Art in 2019, where he began crafting a tongue-in-cheek approach inspired by films from the French New Wave. Michael’s latest passion project “Plastic Kids”, a music video for The Tazers, was selected as one of the Best Music Videos of 2019 by Texx and the City as well being nominated for best music video at the Jozi Film Festival and Moscow Shorts Film Festival.

Having produced most of his own work, Michael loves the challenge of problem solving any creative brief and finding the right visual translation and voice for the project. Michael’s work contains a strong visual language and expresses an awareness of the world as well as a romance for its youth culture. He allows personal experience as well as dreams and magic to inform his execution, offering up the element of surprise whenever he can. He pushes for his work to have value, and to rebel against tradition and conventional norms.