Nicol Dippenaar

As a natural born storyteller and a lover of film, Nicol is energised by the artistic and technical decisions that need to be made on set for a brand’s tale to be told impactfully. Accommodating and perceptive to the needs of his clients, Nicol’s greatest joy comes from seeing them watch their stories come to life for the very first time.

Nicol’s work has taken him all across the world, allowing him to immerse himself fully in the diverse ways that light, in all its manifestations, can be used emotively to convey cross-continental messages. Aligned with the need to work within budget and schedule, he rises up to the challenge of any brief, without ever compromising on quality.

His love affair with light is ultimately how he experiences the world, and so it both his honour and his privilege to translate this into what others may call his work, but what he ultimately believes is his calling. With many years' experience in the film industry, Nicol has built a solid body of work that has a strong focus on fashion, commercial and narrative body of work.