‘In a world that is constantly in flux and a society that constructs power structures as a way to control life’s natural chaos, the most powerful magical spell is unashamed, unabashed authenticity to self.’ – Ky Bxshxff


‘OUTLAWS’ was born from a conviction that this authenticity that Bxshxff speaks of, needs to be shared with the world, and that ‘the new, the next and the now’ needs to be confrontationally lived through expression.

As part of this exploration of authenticity, our production team, as well as our very own creatives jumped at the idea of bringing this one to life. The collaboration between our teams, as well as Africa Is Now Magazine and Cape Town’s LGBTQIA+ community resulted in a colourful celebration of the creativity we have to offer as a whole. We could not have been prouder of the opportunity to help tell these stories and it has been an honour working alongside every person who invested so much to make sure these stories are heard and seen.


It was a beautiful day of collaboration and love between the creatives of the Mother City. It was also a day to celebrate local fashion, with designs by Thebe Magugu, Lara Klawikowski, Githan Coopoo, Crystal Birch, Pina Jewelry, Lily Label, AKJP, W35T, Chulaap & Gavin Rajah as featured.


The film roars with a soundtrack from Queezy and performer Chester Martinez led the movement direction. Both artists also feature alongside other proudly queer models Olivia Sang, Chad-Lee van Wyk, Michelle Drake, Ramsey Lewis, Jeremy Pelser and Fernando Denté. The brilliant Michael Oliver Love also jumped onboard and delivered photography that reflects an unmatched sensitivity and celebration of the emotional essence.


outlawsAlongside the script written by Kyle Bxshxff, shot by our own Patrick Spilsbury and directed by Dillon Buirski, in partnership with Chrisna de Bruyn, and curated by Gregory Russil, we also produced a Q&A sit-down with some of the artists, who shared their bravery and opened up about their experiences being queer. Watch the video below for a glimpse into their own takes on this project and what it means to live authentically.


A Film by Dillon Buirski & Chrisna De Bruyn & Gregory Russill

Produced by we are_

Production – Anja Marais & Calvin Shushu

Script – Ky Bxshxff

DOP – Patrick Spilsbury

Photographer – Michael Oliver Love

Styling, Art Direction & Casting – Gregory Russill

Assisted – Wesley JvR

Movement Direction – Chester Martinez

Editor – Luka Scott

Steadicam Operator – Richard Bellon

1st AC – Thaakir Ackermann

2nd AC – Nicholas Spilsbury

Gaffer – John Mureymi

Spark – John Ndakama

Sound Technician – Nick Ruhoff

HMU – Gareth Coleman & Michelle-Lee Collins

Talent – Queezy, Chester Martinez, Fernando Denté, Jeremy Pelser, Olivia Sang, Michelle Drake & Chad-Lee van Wyk

Soundtrack – Queezy

Location – Infinity Studios


Special thanks to Panavision, Flash Photo, MAC Cosmetics and Stratosphere Sound

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