patrick spilsbury

Patrick was born in the UK but left at a very young age, growing up in Dubai until the age of 16 and then moving with his family to South Africa. Living in the Middle East exposed him to many different cultures and to a plethora of nationalities. Here, as well as in South Africa, he befriended people from all walks of life and he has undoubtedly brought this understanding and acceptance of others to his work.
Working in a variety of different roles on set has given him first-hand knowledge of all the processes involved in film-making and the necessary skills everyone brings to the table. Patrick's ability to befriend all those around him and creating a space where colleagues, clients and suppliers alike feel heard, has evolved into one of his greatest strengths and a definite asset to have on and off any set. This positive attitude and his work ethic has also been one of the key reasons why trusted clients keep returning time and again.
After graduating with a degree in cinematography, Patrick alternates between between London a nd Cape Town. Having been working in creative industries for eleven years, he has vast knowledge of both the stills and and film realms. His desire in film-making is to create beautiful pictures to exceed the client’s brief and expectations, and to allow the viewer to be transported beyond what can be put into words.