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rhythm & smoke documentary

When two of the country’s most notorious spinners go head to head and push their vehicles to the limit, you best believe there will be smoke (amongst other things). And our crew was there to document it all. Introducing Rhythm and Smoke – a documentary on the art of spinning, highlighting the origins, the culture, the people and of course, the cars behind the sport.


Rhythm Smoke Documentary

rhythm and smoke the crews.


One of the biggest discoveries for our team on this journey, was the collective dedication from both crews that goes into this sport. That and the very intricate science behind the vehicles and all their customised settings. We were incredibly lucky to follow both dj and music producer,DJ Maphorisa, as well as the ‘Queen of Smoke’ herself – Stacey-Lee May, to find out more about the phenomenon that is known as Spinning.


Rhythm Smoke Documentary.

And how can you blame these crews for getting uber excited and involved – Spinning is one of those movements that pulls you in without your knowledge or realisation. It came as no surprise that every person behind Stacey-Lee (mostly made up of her close family and neighbours), as well as DJ Maphorisa’s entourage (mostly his management team and his close associates at the Westside Garage) also possess a die-hard passion for all things Spinning.



rhythm and smoke the culture.


What originated in the heart of Soweto in the 80’s has grown into an undeniably South African cultural movement throughout the country. Our crew can testify that there is a palpable excitement when the audience knows Stacey is performing for them. By being one of the youngest and only female champions of Spinning, she wants to leave a legacy of hope.


DJ Maphorisa shares the same sentiment in having grown up in a township (and subsequently sky rocketing into stardom), that Spinning is a sport meant to be shared by the people watching and encouraging the drivers.


Our hope is that this documentary, produced in collaboration with Monster Energy, sheds a light on this wildly popular sport, and that the rest of the world gets to share in on the action.


Rhythm Smoke Documentary

Directed, written and edited by Joshua Trappler

Produced by we are_

Producers: Anja Marais, Calvin Shushu, Dillon Buirski

Featuring DJ Maphorisa, Stacey-Lee May 

DOP: Dylan Boerstra

1st AC / B-Cam Operator: Dale Burns

2nd AC / Lighting: Mphilo Louis

Key HMU: Orli Meiri 

Key Costumer & Art Dept: Lindiwe ‘Chuck’ Mayisela

PA: Thabiso Mojapelo

On-set Sound: Francois De Klerk 

Gaffer: Raees Hassan 

Lighting Assist: Marks Dube

Medic: Dylan Clausing 

Assistant Editor: Luka Scott 

Grade: Kyle Stroebel (Refinery) 

Online: Danielle Nel (Refinery)

Transcriber: Ky Boshoff

Final Mix: Brendan Larter (AudioBits)

Narrator: Vuli Mthethwa


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