Rick Joaquim (SASC)

When you see Rick’s work, it takes a minute for you to put your finger on why you simply can’t look away. Soon you get it. There’s a kind of magic holding your gaze in every frame. For sure all the technical genius is present, but it’s his empathy with the subject matter that keeps you riveted.

His love and respect for narrative are what drove him to film in the first place, but his dedication to each story – is what makes each picture a joy to watch. “If the composition and lighting don’t bring the audience closer in, I’ve missed the point.” says Rick. “Telling every part of a story beautifully is why I am here.”

Rick is generous, determined and focused on bringing the heart of the piece into the light. He is also one of the best humans you’ll ever meet. Which is probably why he finds the kind of moments ordinary people overlook.