The X-Trainer


The X-Trainer 


2021 started off with a bang!


When the X-Trainer team first approached us with the idea and a full service production scope for their XT campaign towards the end of 2020, we sunk our teeth in immediately. Who would not want to delve into a world of disruptive street fashion, as well as jaw-dropping locations, and on top of everything, a cast known for their dedication towards South African youth culture? 


The X-Trainer

What started out as a fashion and streetwear campaign, which is aimed at gaining traction through real people going about their real days, our production and creative teams workshopped a film that tells the story of finding your tribe, and being comfortable in your own skin, and eventually expressing your freedom by finding like-minded individuals and defying norms.



Shooting during COVID


It’s no secret that creating any films or stills productions during the time of COVID has not been an easy task. However, our teams dedicated their energy and resources into making this film and its production one noteworthy of excellence. Throughout the prep stages we workshopped cinematic ideas tirelessly, brainstorming and figuring out the safest and most efficient shooting logistics, and finally, coordinating the best film crew to contribute to this campaign. Finally, we are super excited to launch the film as well as the accompanying stills in an attempt to disrupt and promote XT as a brand. 


The X-Trainer.

With the help of some of Cape Town’s most prolific film creatives; rollerblades; drones; an explosive dance crew and various awe-inspiring locations between two shoot days, we are brimming with excitement to share this project with you.

The X-Trainer


We had an amazing time doing what we love and we would like to thank everyone for trusting us with this vision!


the team:

Production: Anja Marais
Director: Ryan Frame
1st AD: Angus Maresch
2nd AD: Xander Cooney
Movement Director: Chester Martinez
DOP: Dillon Buirski
Movi Operator / Drone: Myron Mance
1st AC / Focus Puller: Diogo Domingues
Loader: Thaakir Ackermann
Gaffer: John Mureymi
Lighting Assist: Hadley Petersen
Lighting Assist: Remy
Grip: Jason Adramsa
Grip Assist: Jody Meyer
DIT: David Miller
VT Assist: Conrad Bester
Art Director: Chris Lategan
Art Assist: Katleho Keketso Morojele
Props Master: Hendri Froneman
Props Assist: Mark Oliver
Key Stylist: Gabrielle Kannemeyer
Styling Assistant: Keenan Martin
Hair & Make-Up: Michelle Collins
Hair & Make-Up: Richard Wilkinson
BTS: Nicholas Loupis
Production Assistant / Runner: Mpumzi Krweqe
Production Assistant / Runner: Mzimkulu Mtshula

the talent:

Bonthle Smith
Kim Jayde
Material Dondada

Cameron Lovemore
Chad E
Tyra Petersen
Jaimee Mckenzie
Justin D
Jesus Antonio
Clarke Daniels
Kyle Murphy
Ryan Griffiths
Nathan Yankee
Nicolle van der Kolff
Siphokuhle Mpongwana
Rusche Boshoff
Cherlene Van Wyk


If you have a similar idea or footage you would like workshopped into an exciting film, or you’re in need of production assistance or photography, feel free to get in touch. We would love to service and produce something magical for you!

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