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BACK TO school

It’s Cape Town’s Film Season once again, and what better way to celebrate than by highlighting a masterpiece we created for Adidas as part of their global back-to-school campaign. Of course, this achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable collaboration of Cape Town Productions.

We had the honor of teaming up with the exceptional minds at TBWA in the Netherlands, led by the creative genius, Theo von Aspern. Theo’s artistic vision breathed life into the project. He joined us at our Weare_ facility in Cape Town, where we meticulously edited the content. Even as Theo returned to London, we seamlessly managed all online reviews from a distance. This marked a remarkable feat for us, handling the post-production of such a significant global campaign.

As content creators situated in the picturesque beauty of Cape Town, we were absolutely thrilled to contribute to the video aspect of the campaign. At Weare_, we boast an in-house post-production facility that meticulously handled all things related to post-production.

Our brilliant editors flawlessly captured the essence of the brief once again, aligning the perfect energy with the captivating transitions we shot and weaving a seamless narrative throughout the campaign. Special acknowledgment goes to our accomplished offline editors, Ezra Nathan and Christiaan Jonck, as well as our Post-producer, Calvin Shushu, at Weare_creative.


The collaboration between the talented Director and DOP, Dillon Buirski, and Theo von Aspern resulted in breathtaking transitions, creatively employing the FPV drone under the guidance of Drone Pilot, Timothee Ferreira at Dark Wings. This stylistic approach effectively embodies the essence of the campaign’s theme, harking back to school.


Our collaboration with Timothee from Dark Wings yielded incredible transitions, perfectly capturing the desired energy. Additionally, we can’t forget to mention the outstanding contribution of the skilled photographer, Lise de Wolf, from Amsterdam. Her remarkable work exceeded client expectations.

Overall, this experience was truly remarkable. At Weare_, we provided every resource required, from state-of-the-art equipment to DIT services and the VT Village. Our consistent collaboration with the crème de la crème of the film industry, Cape Town Productions, adds to our pride. A hearty congratulations and sincere thanks for this exciting project. It was an honor to collaborate with fellow creatives, all dedicated to delivering exceptional results. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate again in the future.



Adidas Client: Johan John

Adidas Digital Marketing Manager: Tobias Eubbing

Adidas Producer: Jenna Pannaman

TBWA Creative: Theo von Aspern

TBWA Senior Account Manager: Lauren Scott

TBWA Senior Producer: Jones Kuhne

TBWA Junior Producer: Olinda Da Achada 

Production: Cape Town Productions

Executive Producer: Gavin Levi

Producer: Ryan Gelderblom

Onset Producer: Caleb Bjergfelt 

1st AD: Craig Brorson 

Director/DOP: Dillon Buirski

1st AC: Thaakir Ackerman 

Gaffer: Duncan Johnson

DIT: Ezra Nathan

VTO: Dan Tucker 

Offline Editor: Christiaan Jonck

Key Stylist: Carla Vermaak 

Props Stylist: Justin Jurd 

Hair and Make Up: Charmaine de Kock