Adidas Runners – Hope in Our Plains


Freedom, hope, and determination paint the picture for  Adidas Runners– Hope in Our Plains featuring running captain, Ndyebo Mapekula. It’s not just about running, it’s about so much more.

So, we dove straight into the streets of Mitchells plain alongside Ndyebo, better known as ‘Pax’. Pax is the leader and architect of the Hope in Our Plains initiative, and together, we discover how much this community truly has to offer.  Above all, we learn that there is so much more to Mitchells plain than its reputation. It is known among locals as being one of the most dangerous and under-resourced areas in South Africa. While talking to the residents, they describe the community as a pulsing life line and say that there is potential and hopefulness among them.


Adidas Runners - Hope in Ours Plains


Potential and passion

We wanted to share the journey of Hope in Our Plains that gives kids a steppingstone into professional athletic training. Consequently, the mentorship and training sessions Pax gives them, also leads to improvements in their academic grades, and in turn has a positive outcome on the community.


Adidas Runners Hope In Ours Plains


Equal opportunities and being seen

The Adidas Runners club and training program is about recognising potential and giving kids opportunities. However, is it important that this is all done in a holistic approach. One of the biggest problems the Runner Captains faced, was the lack of equipment. In addition to the shoes and clothes, Adidas Runners also sponsored hurdles and other equipment, so the kids could train properly. Furthermore, the coaches speak from a very real place that highlights their own experiences and how they understand the struggles because they too, had to overcome them.

It was important that this initiative is considered as a long-term commitment. In other words, the kids know that if they work hard, they will be rewarded with a steadfast support system.


Adidas Runners Hope In Ours Plains


Hope in Our Plains is about being seen and recognised, as well as being about acknowledgement and having equal opportunities.

Because kids can run, because they have opportunities and because they know they have a chance to become great. We are so proud and honoured to have been part of telling this story, and producing this documentary piece on hope, resilience and determination.




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