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Dj Maphorisa x Jack Parow

A first in South African history

Amapiano x afrikaans

A groundbreaking collaboration between Amapiano superstar DJ Maphorisa and Afrikaans rapper Jack Parow. 


Weare_ created the music video, “Koning”, which has collided two opposite worlds with one focus, which is the art of making music. Two opposite genres are infused. Two icons from two different backgrounds and cultures come together, illustrating unity.


They met for the very first time, their connection was like a house on fire. The bond was so unique that they managed to create a track and music video all on the same day. The music video already received over 500 000 views on YouTube. The two icons showcase that we can be stronger together. Proudly promoting our rainbow nation.

DJ Maphorisa

Amapiano DJ & Rapper

The most up-and-rising Amapiano superstar that’s taking the world by storm. He has played all over the world at Amapiano festivals. He has a huge following in South Africa. Some would say he is the next Black Coffee of our generation. He worked with notable artists, including Wizkid, Drake, Black Coffee and Major Lazer.

Jack Parow

Afrikaans rapper

He is the founder of his own genre, Afrikaans rap. He has continued to rise in fame over the years and has kept the South African rap culture alive. He has a massive following in South Africa and globally. He has played in sold-out shows in Los Angeles and Amsterdam and he has collaborated with artists such as Die Heuwels Fantasties, Die Antwoord and Francois Van Coke.

Monster Energy, head of marketing, Ed Morisson approached Wearwe_ to join in on this journey and document the process on Monster Energy’s two sponsors, DJ Maphorisa and Jack Parow to meet for the very first time and to make a track together. 

The idea of these two artists meeting for the first time and discovering the vibe between them was yet still unclear to everyone if this collab would be successful. We had to figure out the colour of the piece, creatively. Hence where Director, Dillion Buirski was approached to give this idea vision and life, along with the help of DOP, Nicol Dippenaar.

Dillion Buirski, creatively, went with a raw feel to the music video and documentary. Having the process direct the creative vision rather than the other way around. Dillon Buiski ended up shooting with a Sony FX7 to add to the raw tone showcasing the real process behind the music video without using massive art direction or locations.  


Dillon Buirski speaks on what an interesting moment it was as a director to document the entire process of these two artists writing music and being a part of their creative journey, in bringing a new music genre to the country. Dillon says, “The producing of our track happened right before our eyes.”

Weare_ extremely happy with the response so far on the music video and we can’t wait to see what this collab and genre brings to South African music and other collabs it might inspire.

"It was quite an experience." - Dillon Buirski

We documented everything, from Q & A’s to them brainstorming and talking about their lives and inspirations and where they think this track can go. We followed them to the Sony studios in Johannesburg and we captured them creating and recording the track, simultaneously filming the documentary and music video.


The purpose was to purely express the raw art of making music, and even better, a new genre. We created a documentary that showcases this incredible journey and connection between these two artists. Keep an eye out for the behind-the-scenes documentary, coming soon. 




Production Company: Weare_creative
Director: Dillon Buirski

DOP: Nicol Dippenaar

Producer: Laura Madge 

HMU: Christiaan Jonck 

Post Producer: Calvin Shushu


A special thanks to:



 DJ Maphorisa & Jack Parrow



Monster Energy

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